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Some time ago our cestors well knew thatched roof. This roof for his thermal insulation properties gives warmth in cold winter and fresh in hot summer. Today, when we are planning to build a house, sauna, gazebo or other building we are looking not only economically, but also are searching for original, eco-friendly solutions. Most of us choose the usual cans, slate boards or other material of roof.

We offer a new look to a roof coatings who having the old traditions! Straw or reeds roof can provide your environment unique beauty and give clean air in home. At the same time it will help to save money. Why?

siaudiniai-stogai-titulinis3Thatched roof not need additional inner side of the decorating, rainwater pipes and heat isolation. We can calculate 1 sq.m. coating of roof from other material and we can see that thatched roof is not so expansive because other coating of roof have price and for roof covering + thermal insulation work + decoration + paints + painting + rainwater pipes and …

Gazebos are other interesting building which we like to do very much! Pavilions which are covered with a thatched roof is unusual, but very unique and practical solution especially when the summer is hot. These gazebos actually justifies itself word Gazebo. On a hot day, you will find a real shade. Thatched gazebo is good because you can create a different roof with overhang as you want – in one place longer, in other shorter, roof may be ornamented with straw. Plasticity of straw allows to do roof such you are dreaming!