• Roofing with reeds or straw;
  • Gazebos:
    Gazebos are other interesting building which we like to do very much! Pavilions which are covered with a thatched roof is unusual, but very unique and practical solution especially when the summer is hot. These gazebos actually justifies itself word Gazebo. On a hot day, you will find a real shade. Thatched gazebo is good because you can create a different roof with overhang as you want – in one place longer, in other shorter, roof may be ornamented with straw. Plasticity of straw allows to do roof such you are dreaming! Reeds roof can take feel of massiveness.
    – Non-standard gazebos – adapted to your landscape, desires and possibilities;
    – Standard gazebos 
  • garden outdoor furniture;
  • thatched roof restoration;
  • thatched roof spraying for fire protection;
  • Other buildings with thatched roof:
    – Children’s Playhouse, gazebos;
    – Birds feeders;
    – Swings…